The National Institute for Computational Sciences

Overdrawn Accounts

All accounts have an allocation amount and expiration date. Each job is charged to the account on midnight of the day it completes. The showusage command displays the current account balance as of the last update. More details can be found on the Job Accounting page.

Expired Accounts

When an account expires, access to NICS systems is no longer available. Project data stored in NFS directories will be kept for a grace period of 12 months after project expiration. Note that data on all NICS scratch systems is subject to purging if not accessed for 30 days.  Running scripts with the purpose of circumventing a purge is a violation of our policies. 

Overdrawn Accounts

NICS allows jobs to be submitted on overdrawn accounts until the end of the allocation term.  However, these jobs will be given the lowest priority for scheduling. In general, these jobs only run when the machine would otherwise be idle, and should not affect the scheduling of other jobs.

Note: Capability jobs will not be allowed to run using an account that has a negative balance.

Requesting Additional Resources

For Director's Discretionary accounts, a PI may request a supplement, extension, or renewal by sending an email to Please include documentation regarding justification of the additional resources and a project progress report.