The National Institute for Computational Sciences

Getting News Updates About NICS Resources

NICS uses XSEDE news to post updates about important events on its systems, such scheduled maintenance, hardware problems and unexpected system-wide outages.

You need to have an XSEDE portal login to subscribe to XSEDE news. If you have an allocation on an XSEDE resource or if you had one in the last few years, you should already have a portal login.

Start by going to the XSEDE Portal. If you think you may have a portal login but cannot remember the username and or password, click on "FORGOT PASSWORD" or "FORGOT USERNAME". If you cannot remember either one, contact

Once you have successfully logged in to the portal, go to MY XSEDE -> Profile. The email address that is listed is your official XSEDE email address. This is the only address that can be registered with XSEDE news. To change this address, click on "Edit Profile".

When you have ensured that your email address on the XSEDE portal is correct, go to: "Documentation -> News" which is

  • In the upper right-hand corner of the main window, click on "Manage My Subscriptions"
  • Select the categories to which you want to subscribe (or unsubscribe), then click on "SAVE CHANGES".