The National Institute for Computational Sciences

NICS Certificate Authorities

This page contains policy information for NICS Certificate Authorities. NICS Certificate Authorities are accepted locally and across the XSEDE network. NICS currently operates the following Certificate Authorities:


CA / File Type File Download
NICS MyProxy CA dc75341f.0
NICS MyProxy CA / Certificate Policy - Certification Practice Statement (PDF) dc75341f.pdf
NICS MyProxy CA / Signing Policy dc75341f.signing_policy
NICS MyProxy CA / CRL URL dc75341f.crl_url
NICS MyProxy CA / CRL (DER) dc75341f.crl
NICS MyProxy CA / CRL (PEM) dc75341f.r0
NICS MyProxy CA / example user certificate dc75341f.example_cert.txt
NICS MyProxy CA / gx-map description dc75341f.nics-myproxy.cadesc
NICS MyProxy CA / IGTF information
NICS MyProxy CA / IGTF namespaces dc75341f.namespaces
Note: NICS is currently in the process of accreditation by TAGPMA

Additional Information

Topic Link
To use GSI authentication GSISSH Access
For information on using certificates on XSEDE Accessing Resources
To login using the XSEDE Portal XSEDE User Portal


The NICS CA is operated by:
The National Institute for Computational Sciences
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1 Bethel Valley Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
For questions about the NICS CA, contact: