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Beacon: How do I switch from Intel MPI to another MPI implementation?

If the Intel compilers and programming environment is still desired, you need only to execute:

module swap intel-mpi $otherMPIModule

However, if you wish to completely remove the Intel programming environment in order to use another compiler, then you must remove the mpi module first:
module unload intel-mpi

Then, you can unload the compilers, which will automatically unload the Programming Environment (PE-intel):
module unload intel-compilers

Beacon: I was running my program in an interactive job but it didn’t finish. I received the message: qsub: job completed. How do I request more time for interactive jobs?

Request more time for interactive jobs by providing a specific number of hours/minutes/seconds using
qsub –I –l walltime=hh:mm:ss

Note that 24 hours is the maximum that can be requested. If you need an extension, send an email to along with any job ids that need to run for more than 24 hours.

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