The National Institute for Computational Sciences

Network File Service (NFS - Home Directory)

Each user is provided a home directory to store frequently used items such as source code, binaries, and scripts. Home directories are located in a Network File Service (NFS) that is accessible from all interactive NICS resources as:


Each user receives a default storage limit of 2 GB in his or her home directory. To request an increase in the size of your home directory please submit a request to Home directories are regularly copied to tape backup.

Batch scripts are run on service nodes that have access to the home, project and software directories. Executables launched with the aprun command run on compute nodes and do not have access to these directories; they can only access the Lustre scratch directories. Therefore, in your batch script, make sure to cd to the Lustre scratch directory before the aprun command is issued. If this is not done, you may see an error like:

aprun: [NID 94]Exec /lustre/scratch/userid/a.out failed: chdir /nics/b/home/userid

No such file or directory

For the program launched by aprun, all input and output files must reside in the Lustre scratch directories.