The National Institute for Computational Sciences

Beacon Training Videos and Materials

2014 Training Videos

  • May 19 Intel Xeon Phi and Intel VTune
  • March 26 Offload Mode
  • March 25 Debugging Codes Using Totalview and DDT
  • March 13 Optimization Techniques
  • March 4 Introduction to the Intel MIC Architecture

  • 2013 Training Videos and Materials

    Please download the Beacon Training Materials file here. Agendas and recordings of trainings are located below. Also, the specific Intel-created training materials are located here. This includes a presentation on new features in the September 2013 MPSS release and an implicit offload code that works.

    NOTE: The materials to be used will be Intel-created training materials and an OpenACC training that must be viewed by video only due to dissemination restrictions.

    NOTE: You will need Quicktime to view these movies after unzipping the archive.