The National Institute for Computational Sciences


Staff NameOffice PhoneEmail AddressGroups
Baer, Troy 865-241-4233 HPC Operations
Bailey, Jennifer 865-574-5493 Education, Outreach and Training
Betro, Vince 865-576-8905 XSEDE User Services Training Manager, Scientific Computing
Braby, Ryan 865-576-1431 HPC Operations
Budiardja, Reuben 865-576-9519 Scientific Computing, XSEDE Extended Support for Research Teams (ESRT
Campfield, Michael 865-576-6472 HPC Operations, XSEDE Systems Operational Support Deputy Manager
Cassidy, Terrie 865-574-1846 Administration, XSEDE Adminstrative Specialist/Travel Coordinator
Chance, Angie 865-241-0643 Office of the Director
Charcalla, Jason 865-241-0455 XSEDE Data Engineer, HPC Operations
Cole, Tony 865-241-9496 HPC Operations
Collins, Charles 865-576-2176 User Assistance
Crosby, Lonnie 865-241-3404 XSEDE ESRT, Scientific Computing
Ferguson, Jim 865-241-3702 XSEDE Student Programs Manager, Education, Outreach and Training
Gibson, Scott 865-206-6499 Education, Outreach and Training
Givens, Kim 865-574-8650 Administration
Hanley, Jesse 865-576-0319 Keeneland: National Institute for Experimental Computing, HPC Operations
Hazlewood, Victor 865-776-0770 XSEDE Dep. Dir., SP Coord.
Hulguin, Ryan 865-241-1951 User Assistance
Jakowski, Jacek 865-574-6093 Scientific Computing, XSEDE ESTEO
John, Dwayne 865-241-8832 XSEDE User Information and Interfaces, User Assistance
Lucio, Daniel 865-241-5321 User Assistance, XSEDE Training Coordinator
Mack, Yashema 865-574-9945 XSEDE Campus Bridging Coordinator, User Assistance
McNally, Stephen 865-574-0839 XSEDE Systems Operational Support Manager, HPC Operations
McWilliams, Dave 217-398-4081 User Assistance, XSEDE
Mohr, Rick 865-241-6311 XSEDE Data Engineer, HPC Operations
ODonnell, James 865-574-3810 XSEDE Software Testing Engineer, HPC Operations
Patel, Pragnesh 865-576-0627 Scientific Computing, XSEDE ESTEO
Peterson, Gregory 865-241-0080 XSEDE PI, Office of the Director
Redd, Patti 865-241-6173 User Assistance
Reed, Donald 865-241-3704 Administration
Rogers, Gary 865-576-1430 HPC Operations
Samuel, Tabitha 865-574-0413 HPC Operations, XSEDE Software Testing and Deployment Manager
Schmidt, Drew 865-574-5493 XSEDE Extended Support for Research Teams (ESRT, Scientific Computing
Simmerman, Scott 865-574-3238 XSEDE Application Support, HPC Operations
Su, Shiquan 865-576-9364 User Assistance, XSEDE ESTEO
Vetter, Jeffrey 865-356-1649 Keeneland: National Institute for Experimental Computing
Vogt, R.J. 865-241-0643 Education, Outreach and Training
Walsh, John 865-241-9345 User Assistance, XSEDE Software & Services Reviewer
Wells, Scott 865-660-3131 XSEDE Project Manager
Whitt, Justin 865-576-0156 XSEDE Senior Project Manager
Whitten, Bobby 865-241-1196 User Assistance, XSEDE User Engagement Manager
Wilkerson, Donna 865-574-5493 Office of the Director
Wong, Kwai L. 865-974-8833 Scientific Computing
Yin, Junqi 865-574-9944 Scientific Computing, XSEDE ESTEO
Yost, Christal 865-974-8844 Education, Outreach and Training