The National Institute for Computational Sciences

The Forefront of Severe Weather Research

The Darter supercomputer at the National Institute for Computational Sciences supported the most important model forecast component of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Hazardous Weather Testbed 2013 Spring Experiment, which investigated the use of convection-allowing model forecasts as guidance in the prediction of hazardous convective weather. Convection refers to rising currents of warm air. Better storm prediction leads to improved warning time.

Meet the Gribbles

A novel biomass-degrading enzyme from a wood-boring marine crustacean appears promising for the biofuels industry. The Kraken supercomputer is instrumental in research focused on characterizing the enzyme.

Galactic Power Packs

Formed when massive stars collapse, black holes are extremely powerful and have a major impact on the genesis, growth and evolution of galaxies. A research team has made discoveries using computer modeling and simulations that have overturned longstanding, widely held beliefs about black holes.


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