The National Institute for Computational Sciences

Mysteries of the Milky Way

Since we're viewing our galaxy from the inside and thus can't get the entire picture from observation, knowledge of its formation history has been elusive, but supercomputer simulations such as the ones done using Kraken and Nautilus at NICS could help overcome our limitations and unravel the mysteries.

Eaten by a Black Hole

The NICS-managed Kraken supercomputer is one of the resources that researchers are using to simulate cosmic events known as tidal disruptions, in which a black hole devours a star and emits a beacon to the far reaches of the universe.

Life After CSURE

The Computational Science for Undergraduate Research Experiences summer program from the Joint Institute for Computational Sciences has opened new doors for 2013 participants Ciara Thompson and Nyalia Lui as they further their education.


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