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Setting the OTP Token pin

Setting your PIN


Your PASSCODE: is a combination of your personal pin and the current number on your OTP token. Before you use your token for the first time you will need to set your pin. Below is the proceedure used to set your pin.

    • Initiate an SSH connection to the NICS resource you will be using. For example:
    • When prompted for a PASSCODE, enter the token code shown on the token, for example, 159759 in the photo.


      RSA Keyfob


    • You will be asked if you are ready to set your PIN. Answer with “Y.”
    • You will then be prompted to enter a PIN. Enter a 4- to 8-digit number you can remember. Reenter your PIN when prompted.
    • You will be prompted to enter your full PASSCODE, which is a combination of your pin and the current numbers displayed on your token.*  For example, if the pin was 1111 and the token code was 234432, then the full PASSCODE would be 1111234432.

                *Each token code can only be used once.  If the token numbers have not changed since you originally entered them, you must wait for new numbers.

  • Note: Logging in more than three consecutive times using an incorrect pin will disable your token.  If you believe your token has been disabled, please submit a help request to You may also call the helpline directly at 865-241-1504.

You can log on using the procedure outlined in Secure Access.

[user@myhost]$ ssh
Enter PASSCODE: (enter the token code from the token)

To continue, you must enter a new PIN.
Are you ready to enter a new PIN? (y/n) [n]: y

Enter a new PIN between 4 and 8 digits: [Desired Pin Number]
Re-enter new PIN to confirm: [Pin Number]
New PIN accepted, press enter to continue.

Enter PASSCODE:  [Pin Number + Token Code]
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