The National Institute for Computational Sciences

NICS Project Allocations

NICS Project Allocations

The National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS) is funded by the University of Tennessee and the National Science Foundation to support research at US universities. The majority of the NICS resources are committed as part of the XSEDE allocation process. NICS also offers a limited number of Director Discretionary awards by request to State of Tennessee researchers, to qualifying workshops and courses, underrepresented groups, and to researchers for which a special agreement has already been established. Additional researchers may be added to the project with the permission of the principal investigator.  Further, University of Tennessee (faculty, staff, and student) users may apply for access to NICS resources.

University of Tennessee Users (Faculty, Staff, or Students)

NICS has created a project for any UT user (faculty, staff, student, etc.). This is a low-priority project that does allow a user to access resources in a backfill manner. There are no reporting requirements for users in this project. Special requests for priority, reservations, or other arrangements are not available within this project. A faculty or staff sponsor is required for student access.

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Duration 1 year No set duration
Allocation Approval NICS Director NICS Director
Call for Proposals At any time At any time