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HPSS (Darter and Nautilus): Is it possible for files to be overwritten in HPSS?

The ~ is appended if the user has "autobackup=on" in their .hsirc file. Otherwise, the file is simply overwritten. Another option is to use "hsi cput" instead of "hsi put". Using cput will cause hsi to give a warning message if the file exists. The file that the user is attempting to store won't be written to HPSS, but the old one won't be overwritten. (The user also needs to pay careful attention to the output from hsi so that they'll notice the file wasn't stored.)

When storing files with similar names, it is best to append a date (and time if necessary) in 4-digit year, 2-digit month, 2-digit day, 2-digit hour, 2-digit minute form to the filename. This provides a unique name but also causes the files to be automatically sorted by ls based on the date for which they contain information (which might not always be the date/time they were written). An example might be file.tar.201212032250 for a date at 10:50 PM.