The National Institute for Computational Sciences

HPSS (Darter and Nautilus): How do I share my files on HPSS with other members of my research team ?

To find out what groups you are a member of on HPSS use the groups command.

K:[/home/username]: groups
K:HPSS Group List:
  1045: nsf008       1928: nsf008q4s 

This shows the user is a member of groups nsf008 and nsf008q4s.

If other members of your team are listed in the same group you can simply log into HPSS using HSI and change the group and permissions to share the files or directories.

For example, if both you and other members are all in nsf008q4s you will simply need to do a chgrp.

K:[/home/yourusername]: chgrp nsf008q4s filename

Then you will need to do a chmod to make the file group readable.

K:[/home/yourusername]: chmod 750 filename

The other members of the group should then be able to access your files on HPSS.

If you are unsure of the HPSS group that correlates to the NICS project, or the other members of your group are not members of the same group you will need to submit a ticket to and request they be added to the group on HPSS. Please reference this FAQ in your request.