The National Institute for Computational Sciences

HPSS (Darter and Nautilus): Has my access to HPSS been disabled?

Administrators may disable users for archiving too many small files at a time. Archiving too many small files introduces a lot of overhead on the system, and this archiving system is not designed to handle a lot of small files. Please use htar to tar together your files. Documentation can be found here.

We should contact you if this happens, but if you are concerned that your access to HPSS has been disabled, contact us at We can re-enable your HPSS access provided that it is used correctly.

One easy way to increase file size on HPSS is to use 'htar'. For the most part, this works the same as the regular tar. We would prefer that you perform htar on ~10GB chunks. After you confirm that you will be using htar from now on, we will proceed to provide you access to HPSS. Our system staff would like you to remove all of your archived small files from HPSS and archive them again using htar.