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General: Is there any other faster way to list my files in my Lustre scratch area?

Yes! A basic ls only has to contact the meta-data server (MDS), not the object-storage servers (OSS), where the bottleneck often occurs. In general, ls is aliased to give additional information, which requires the OSS's. You can bypass this by using /bin/ls. When there are many files in the same directory, and you don't need the output to be sorted, /bin/ls -U is even faster.

You can also use the Lustre utility lfs to look for files. For example, the syntax to emulate a regular ls in any directory is

lfs find  -D 0  *

For convenience, you may want to add an alias definition to your login config files. For example Bash users can add to their ~/.bashrc the following line to create an alias called lls.

alias lls="/bin/ls -U"