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Darter: Why do I get 'out of space' error when transferring files from HPSS to Darter?

Your file transfer has caused a Lustre storage server (OST) to become full, resulting in an error like:

ead_cond_timedwait() return error 22, errno=0 OUT OF SPACE condition detected while writing local file

This usually happens because the stripe count is too small (often 1). To solve this issue, remove the partially transferred file and change the stripe count of the directory before transferring the file. To change the stripe count of the directory, first cd to that directory. Second, type the following command:

lfs setstripe . -c 8

where 8 is the new stripe count, meaning that any new files in that directory will be striped across 8 OSTs. The larger the stripe count, the more OSTs the file will be striped across. Typically, a stripe count that results in a file using less than 100 GB per OST should usually work.