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Beacon: How do I switch from Intel MPI to another MPI implementation?

If the Intel compilers and programming environment is still desired, you need only to execute:

module swap intel-mpi $otherMPIModule

However, if you wish to completely remove the Intel programming environment in order to use another compiler, then you must remove the mpi module first:
module unload intel-mpi

Then, you can unload the compilers, which will automatically unload the Programming Environment (PE-intel):
module unload intel-compilers

General: How do I remove the Control-M characters in my text file?

Different operating systems use different methods of indicating the end of a line in a text file. UNIX uses only a new line, whereas Windows uses a carriage return and a line feed. If you have transferred text files from your PC to a UNIX machine, you may need to remove the carriage-return characters. (The line-feed character in Windows is the same as the new-line character under UNIX, so it doesn’t need to be changed.) Some systems provide a command dos2unix that can perform the translation. However, it can also be done with a simple perl command.

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