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Category: Analysis-Phylogenetics


RAxML is a phylogenetics code that uses the Maximum likelihood model of molecular evolution. Similar to MrBayes code, it computes a likelihood score that depends upon tree topology, branch lengths and parameters for model.


To use RAxML, simply load the module:

module load raxml
There are 4 different binaries to choose from:
  • raxmlHPC - serial
  • raxmlHPC-SSE3 - serial version that exploits fine-grain parallelism in processor
  • raxmlHPC-PTHREADS - parallel version
  • raxmlHPC-SSE3-PTHREADS - parallel with vector instructions
When using the parallel versions, specify the number of threads with the -T option.

More Info

See here for a short tutorial. For more information about RAxML see the Exelixis Lab site.


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Available Versions

Version Available Builds
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