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Category: Analysis-Visualization


PLplot is a cross-platform software package for creating scientific plots. To help accomplish that task it is organized as a core C library, language bindings for that library, and device drivers which control how the plots are presented in non-interactive and interactive plotting contexts.

The PLplot core library can be used to create standard x-y plots, semi-log plots, log-log plots, contour plots, 3D surface plots, mesh plots, bar charts and pie charts. Multiple graphs (of the same or different sizes) may be placed on a single page, and multiple pages are allowed for those device formats that support them.


PLplot is available as a module:

module load plplot

For compiling and linking:

gcc myprog.c $PLPLOT_C_LIB
g++ myprog.C $PLPLOT_CXX_LIB
gfortran myprog.f $PLPLOT_FTN_LIB

The environment variables PLPLOT_*_LIB are set by the modulefile and are locally defined.


This package has the following support level : Unsupported

Available Versions

Version Available Builds
intel pgi gnu Other