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MrBayes is a program for the Bayesian estimation of phylogeny. Bayesian inference of phylogeny is based upon a quantity called the posterior probability distribution of trees, which is the probability of a tree conditioned on the observations. The conditioning is accomplished using Bayes's theorem. The posterior probability distribution of trees is impossible to calculate analytically; instead, MrBayes uses a simulation technique called Markov chain Monte Carlo (or MCMC) to approximate the posterior probabilities of trees.

The program takes as input a character matrix in a NEXUS file format. The output is several files with the parameters that were sampled by the MCMC algorithm. MrBayes can summarize the information in these files for the user. It has ability to spread jobs over a cluster of computers using MPI.


To use MrBayes, simply load the module:

> module load mrbayes

To run MrBayes serial:

> mb_serial < batch.nex > log.txt

To run MrBayes parallel:

> mpirun -np 8 mb_parallel < batch.nex > log.txt 

More Info

See here for manual or visit the MrBayes site.


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