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Category: Program Dev-Compilers


The Intel compilers, versions 11.1.x and 12.1.x are available as modules.

The Intel programming environment is the default when first logging in to Nautilus. If you need to switch from another compiler, use module swap:

> module swap PE-gnu PE-intel

When you have the programming environment you want loaded, you can swap the compiler version:

> module swap intel intel/11.1.038

See the man pages on the following Intel compilers for a full list of compiler options:

  • icc
  • icpc
  • ifort

For more detailed information, see Intel documentation and in particular see Intel Software Documentation Library.

The Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) is available with the intel compilers. In order to link with the intel math library, you need to specify the -mkl flag in the compile line.


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