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Category: Program Dev-Compilers


See the man pages on the following GNU compilers for a full list of compiler options:

  • gcc
  • g++
  • gfortran

For more detailed information, see GNU documentation.


The GNU compiler is available by default on Nautilus in /usr/bin. To see available versions:

> gcc -v
> module avail gnu

The GNU programming environment is not the default when first logging in to Nautilus. If you wish to switch compilers, you should first swap the programming environment, for example:

> module swap PE-intel PE-gnu

If you want to use gcc with MPI or want a newer gcc than the default (mentioned above), then load the GNU programming environment, optionally followed by switching the gcc compiler to the version you want:

> module load PE-gnu           # you may want to unload any other PE- module first
> module swap gcc gcc/4.3.4


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