The National Institute for Computational Sciences


What is the ACF?
The ACF is a UT initiative to consolidate investments in advanced research computing across multiple campuses, institutes, colleges, and departments. The ACF is open to investments from institutions (campuses, institutes, colleges, departments) as well as individual investors.

What resources are available in the ACF?
The ACF will combine Beacon from the Joint Institute of Computational Sciences (JICS) and the Sigma, Rho, and Monster nodes from the Newton program as well as newly acquired compute nodes into one resource. In addition, a new 3PB file system will be available to the ACF. The ACF will continually grow by periodically adding new compute and data resources determined by investor needs.

When will the ACF go online?
The ACF is currently scheduled to officially start on July 1, 2017. The first resource to be added to the ACF will be Beacon which will be added on July 10, 2017. Sigma, Rho, and Monster will be added in staged migrations throughout the summer of 2017. (schedule subject to change)

How do I get access to the ACF?
There will be an online application made available once the ACF goes online beginning July 10th.

Will my data automatically be transferred into the ACF?
Data will not be transferred automatically to the ACF. Users can begin transferring data into the ACF once the new filesystem is online, currently scheduled for August 1, 2017.

Will there be queues with long wall times be available in the ACF?
Yes, the ACF will have queues that allow for long wall times.

Where can I send questions that I may have?
Please direct any questions to